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Ok. I’ve been thinking lately about the best way to communicate my radical feminist agenda and I’m looking for a bit of advice. Let me run through a few options, and you tell me which you think might be most effective:

1. Stay quiet till I get really famous and then unleash this big feminist…

I would say 4, because that’s what it seems to me you’ve done so far, and it seems to be effective. When I started to listen to the band in high school, Austra introduced a lot of feminist ideas that I’d never heard of before. They totally changed my thinking. I remember writing a diary entry on a comment you said about Beat and the Pulse - how the music video was a rare thing, because it was female sexuality unpoliced by male sexuality/gaze. That notion still has an impact on me today and has made me much more critical of the portrayal of women in media and art.

I’m not positive, but if you were more explicitly radical in early interviews, I might have been more shy to read the band’s stuff, in high school at least, because it would’ve been very foreign to me and I might have been scared off. I found the opinions talked about in interviews I read/heard in high school were just enough to open new doors to me without overwhelming me. Austra’s commentary was/is very accessible. I think the band can definitely positively impact and inspire younger members of its audience (and all its members of course).

The examples you bring up in 3 are also very shocking… and important to get out there. I guess I’d say a blend of 3-4. As a music lover, young woman, and feminist, Austra has introduced a lot of interesting and important issues and ideas to me, and I want to keep learning! I support whatever you choose to do :)

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I’m the kind of person that tells everyone everything. I’m an open book and I’m impulsive.

I have a lot of irrational fears and phobias, and things that are supposed to create zero to mild discomfort in other people often become extremely scary to me. My solution is to talk about what’s bothering me until it leaves my mind. I feel so annoying doing that. My friends are all supportive of everything I share with them but I know it’s not fair to anyone anyone to bring up the same problem up over and over again, especially when they have their own problems. I also think it’s tough for people to empathize because my feelings are often an overreaction so they’re not very relatable or illogical. People are sympathetic and I love them for it but I also respect that they may not be able to understand how I’m feeling - whether it’s me crying about not knowing what shoes to wear to something formal, or me panicking about being afraid of someone nearby throwing up.

There are things I know are irrational, and then there are feelings I’m not sure about - whether they make sense or not, whether the average member of the population would experience them too.

Anyway, here’s to me not blabbing and whining about everything that bugs me anymore

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What kills me about University is seeing so many people I didn’t think would get depressed or really hoped wouldn’t get depressed or who just seemed so damn resilient and strong end up feeling so horribly. You go to school to learn and right now is supposed to be a really exciting time to grow and change and figure out what you might want to do with your life. It’s supposed to be a time of great hope and it certainly started that way for me and a lot of my friends. But now I’m surrounded by a lot of broken spirits and it makes me really, really sad. I hope it gets better. For everyone.

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