Shoot Into The Darkness...

I'll break your heart, but I can't stay

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I wish I knew good sources online to ask questions and talk to people about stuff my friends know nothing about. My friends are AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE of me and let me talk about anything to them and it’s not their fault they can’t offer advice but this isn’t their domain. I feel very, very isolated right now. I feel like I was in a complicated situation before but now it’s just impossible.

I also wish there was a place  to confess all the worries and angry thoughts and mean thoughts that go through my head all the time that I hate having. I feel so haunted and guilty.

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Austra - American Science

Artist: Austra
Album: Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran
Released: August 2014

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worst day ever BUT this is the last written post you’ll see from me unless it’s Austra related. If i’m so moody I just HAVE to share, I’ll post a song instead

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